castor oil

by diamondtia

I have a goffin with a fatty tumor on his leg. It stays the same size but I know it bothers him. He mutilates that leg. I keep it wrapped and at times, have had it almost healed, but noticed the tumor two weeks ago.

There are NO avian vets within 2000 miles from me, and read on the internet that rubbing castor oil on the bump on his leg where the tumor is, will help to shrink it.

He acts normal, plays, swings, eats well, etc. What do you all think?

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Sep 04, 2011
castor oil
by: diamondtia

Hi again,
I did not use the castor oil. I live in NB,
Canada and there are no avian vets in NB or nova Scotia. So I searched the internet and found the difference betweeen a tumor(cancerous) and a fatty tumor.

The lump on my goffin's leg was soft and squishy and I could move it around, so I knew it wasn't a cancerous tumor. I called an avian vet in another province and explained. I soaked my bird's lump everyday with warm water and a clean cloth. I also put aloe vera juice in his water. After a few days, the pus started coming out of it and I kept getting more out of it each day. After a few days, the lump is completely gone. I have ordered an all round antibiotic and it should arrive this week. I keep calendula salve on the mutilated part of his leg to ease the itching, give him a couple drops of collidol silver to prevent anymore infection and what a difference. He feels so much better. I should have the antibiotic this week and will start him on it. I keep his leg wrapped and change it every morning and night.

I was told that it was sort of like a boil, etc. There use to be a vet in Nova Scotia, which has helped me in the past, but he is no longer there and living in a little village in NB, none of the vets here will even attempt to help with the help of an avian vet from another province. Thank God he is on his way to recovery. I told the vet what I was feeding him and he said that he gets a good diet, seed mix, pellets, veggies, fruit, mashes and the occasional treat of avicakes, millet or nutriberries. I cook for him and the others three times a day. :0) I love my babies and will do anything for them. So just wanted to update everyone on his progress. He's my boy, 18 years old.


Aug 29, 2011
Do NOT use castor oil on birds
by: The Avian Vet

WOW, where do you live that no vets are available for 2000 miles?!

Caster oil should NOT be rubbed on this or any lesion on birds. The caster oil is an oil and will become preened throughout the feathers and make them unable to keep your bird warm. Additionally if your bid ingests a large quantity of this oil it could have a negative effect on his liver.

Have you had this mass diagnosed as a fatty tumor? Other than on the internet? It is uncommon for fatty tumors to cause mutilation. I suspect this is something more serious, or there are other issues with your bird?s health besides this mass.

I recommend that you find a way to be seen by an avian veterinarian.

Dr B

Aug 28, 2011
castor oil and birds
by: Tracie

If you haven't been to an avian vet, I am unsure how you know it is a fatty tumor? Dr B will eventually answer this, but castor oil is a poison as far as I am concerned. If the bird preens the area and ingests the oil, I believe it might kill the bird. Also, Dr B has stated numerous times that we should not put oily items on our birds, because when they spread it on their other feathers when they preen and the bird may have a hard time keeping warm.

Just in case, please check the links on our Find an Avian Vet page to see if you can find an avian vet for your bird.

I used to make and sell hand cream, I used castor oil in the hand cream because it would draw out impurities. But the more research I did, I found that if used for more than a few days, it was actually poisoning my customers. Again, I have asked Dr B to answer, so wait until he answers before using this on your bird.

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