Catnip safe for birds?

Is Catnip safe for my cockatoo I have a cat house for him to get away in and its treated with catnip

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Mar 26, 2018
Aggressive bird
by: Rachel Davis

Is there anything to use on birds for aggression? I've tried everything. Read all the books..and she still mean.

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Jan 24, 2011
Catnip safe not safe for birds
by: The Avian Vet

I recommend that you not use the cat house for your bird. We do not know if catnip is toxic to birds, and do not want you to find out by allowing your bird to chew on the house. Even if the catnip is safe, there is no way to know if the house has been treated with toxic chemicals such as glue or adhesives. It is not sold as a bird toy, so they do not have to be sure that it is safe for birds. You should not give this to your bird.

Dr B

Jan 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

No catnip isn't safe in any way. Keep your cockatoo away from it.

Jan 17, 2011
Catnip safe for birds?
by: Linda

NO you cannot use catnip anywhere around your bird as it is toxic and the smell comes from the oil in the leaves which is caustic to touch and toxic for birds to breathe.Keep all catnip and other toxins far away from your bird so bird does not breathe it or have opportunity to physically get into it.

Get your bird another kind of house made for a bird or at the very least not treated with a known toxin.

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