Caused of death

Adopted a baby parakeet for 5mpnths
My parakeet loves sweets n hv sweets treat every day
Noticed her panting after couples of flying in the house .
Also noticed lately she likes to fluff her feather . Thought she is grooming herself
Yesterday morning woke up to find her shot over the bed . ( she sleeps with me )
She was weak n motionless . Wee hour n cannot get any vet assistance n by the time I get hold about an hours later she passed away while I was rushing her to the vet .
What can the the cause of her death ?

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Jan 07, 2014
Caused of death
by: Sandra D Singh

Hi there, I'm very sorry for your loss and my heart goes out to you. I've a feeling that your bird was already ill when you adopted her? I've learnt the hard way that whenever I shall buy any birds ALWAYS have them checked by an Avian Vet before bringing them home.
I'd like to mention that a bird should never have sweet treats and EVERY DAY? NO WAY! It doesn't matter how much they love it. I'm sure that "you" loved your bird more than "she" loved sweets! Our birds are just like our children. When you know something is not good for them you've to say NO and DO NOT EVER give it to them.
I've an only child (she is now 26) when she was about three she used to love chocolates and wanted to eat it EVERY SINGLE DAY and not just one or two but many. One day I told her, I know that you love chocolates but "I love you" more than "you love chocolates" and I don't want you to die and leave me so I'm buying one chocolate twice a week from now and no more. She would then say ok mommy I don't want to die and leave you; I love you more than chocolates and she'd then hug my so tight!
Apparently your bird was panting because it was struggling to breathe. If she wasn't sick when you'd gotten her maybe it could've been the sweets that caused Diabetes. Another thing the regular fluffing of her feathers was a sign that she was sick. According to Tracie have a necropsy done because that's the only way you'd know. Although it would not take your pain away it would surely ease your curious mind.
Birds, don't matter how much you love them; they should NEVER sleep with you. There's always a possibility that you could roll on them and lose them. I'll be praying for your bird's soul to rest in peace and for your worries to ease at this sad time. Take care and God bless!

Jan 06, 2014
Unknown reason for bird dying
by: Tracie

I am sorry for your loss. The only way to know the cause of death is to take the bird to an avian vet for a necropsy.

Make sure you or the breeder has any bird you purchase checked by an avian vet before bringing the bird home to make sure it is disease free and healthy. Then make sure you feed high quality pellets, more than seeds, and only healthy treats.

Human food that has chemicals, sugar and fats should not be fed to your bird ever.

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