centre of bird eye cloudy

by Kellie
(Sydney, Australia)

My sulphur crested cockatoo's eyes are now both cloudy in the centre. He is about 50 years old (approx) and is a rescue bird. He has bad wings, he can't fly, and a gammy foot. Otherwise he is healthy.

Does this mean he is going blind? How long before he is fully blind? Can he live while he is blind in an aviary or is this cruel?
Thank you.

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Oct 13, 2010
Bird with cloudy eyes
by: The Avian Vet

This could be the beginning of cataracts and yes he is going blind if it is cataracts. He can survive no problem blind if other birds in the aviary are not picking on him and he can find his food and water. You should take him in to see an avian veterinarian to get an exam and prognosis. I cannot give that without seeing your bird.

Dr B

Oct 10, 2010
centre of bird eye cloudy
by: Linda

Kellie, you will need to have your bird examined by an Avian Vet in your driving area, and do this immediately. A Cockatoo should live to be much older than this, and he may have cataracts on both eyes which can be removed at least in people, and I don't know about birds.It could be caused by an infection of some kind, so do not delay going to Avian Vet.

First, have him examined to make sure of the diagnosis because I'm simply guessing here and am not a vet of any kind, so you need to speak with a professional and soon before this gets much worse.Have the Avian Vet do bloodwork to see what kind of condition his kidneys,liver, thyroid and parathyroid are in as well. Older birds have to be seen at least once a year by an Avian Vet because they develope some of the same problems older people do, and most can be treated or helped in some way.An All seed diet for all their lives kills them quicker than anything else I can think of. All parrots need to be eating a high quality organic pelleted diet. Seed diets are poor nutrition high in fats and low in vitamins and minerals and high quality proteins.

Sounds like this little guy has had a very hard life, and he should still have many years left of a quality life if he is taken care of properly.

Even if he is blind, he can still live a quality life. You will need to be careful not to change things around in and outside his cage though because he now knows his way around, and moving things will cause him to run into them and possibly fall and be hurt. If there are other health issues, found by the Avian Vet, then ask for prognosis and discuss quality of life issues. Just because a bird or person is blind is no reason to consider killing them.

Let us know what your Avian Vet has to say about your bird's health, and please do not delay this visit because this could be something else than what it sounds like plus he could need medicines for other physical problems. He deserves your love and commitment now more than ever since he is growing older. Please don't let him down and do write to us about what the Avian Vet has to say. Older birds are rare in the states because so many feed them wrong kinds of foods and do not understand proper way to care for parrots, so there are not that many who get to grow old which is a real shame. Your information will be of help to those who have done the right things with their birds and are now going into old age with them.


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