Change of behavior

by Barry
(Near Seattle)

I have a 6 year old Meyer's parrot which we adopted 2 years ago. He has been "my" bird exclusively, much to the chagrin of my very bird-interested partner. This bird has been very affectionate toward me up until yesterday. I noticed he had a broken wing feather (halfway up the shaft, a mature feather, not one with a growing base)which seemed to be bothering him. I went to cover him in a towel so that he would not bite when I was holding him. He yelled like was killing him.

I've never had to cover him like this. I took care of the feather and returned him to his cage. Since then, he acts totally afraid of me and won't let me anywhere near him. He will take a treat from my hand but very nervously.

How do I get my loving, affectionate bird back?

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Jan 09, 2012
Changei n behavior
by: AZ

Your bird Might of fallen off his perch in the night. Sometimes birds try to reach for a perch thats a bit further for them then they know. Some breeds of birds actually have a depth perception issue. Not a big thing. But need a bit more watching.

Your bird might of hurt himself during this, and it gave him a good scare, esp. if he hurt himself.

I would however suggest you take him to a vet, get him looked over real good. Aviary vets arent (least I know mine isnt) expensive. The vet will be able to look at him, observe behaviors, and run tests if needed. Since this is a forum it's hard for the forum vet to diagnose anything.

A bird should not be considered a pet, but a family member due to their intelligence. So treat him as one, and get him off to the vet! :)

You bird obviously is in pain, which is why he is acting differently towards you. Animals when they hurt, will bite the hand that feeds as a means to tell you to leave them alone. Thats a sure sign he's hurting.

Your bird will probably continue to act like this until he's healed. So dont push interaction. Just get him to a vet to be checked out. Prehaps have his injured area x-rayed to rule out broken bones since birds bones are hollow, they tend to be a bit more fragile.
GOod luck to you and your bird!

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