Changed Behavior

by Judith

My orange wing amazon has never really been a biter,but that has changed.Recently he bites me when I try to put him back in his cage and when I get his food and water dish to fill them up.

I have had Beau about 2 months,my father passed away and Beau was his.He got him as a baby and Beau is now 13 years old.I know you're thinking that is the problem,but it's not .For almost 2 months after Dad died Beau was just fine with me.He would step up ,want me to scratch him and so forth.We bonded very well since he already knew me.I didn't move him,I moved into Dad's so that isn't the problem.

I've read alot about biting behavior and how to change it I've tried the methods and nothing is working.I care very deeply for him ,but my trust in him is dwindling.He is biting very hard,bruising me and making me bleed.I know Beau likes me,so what could the problem be? Like I said,it just started last week.It is getting to the point I can't let him out of his cage.We are both very unhappy with the situation.If anyone can give me a clue as to why his behavior changed so quickly I wish you would share it with me.I feel like my realtionship with Beau is in jeopardy. Help!!

Judy in Ohio

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Aug 01, 2009
by: Anonymous

I also had trouble with my parrot biteing and making me bleed so i took the easy route and just started useing a stick to get her out and save my hands.

Oct 24, 2008
behavior changes
by: Judy in Ohio


Thanks for the comments.I already know why he is biting me,I understand fear feathers and the other signs.I know when he is going to bite me,but that doesn't help me get him back in his cage.Why the sudden aversion? I spend a long time getting him back in,and we are both worn out and frustrated at that point.It is making me wary about getting him out at all.I know he is testing me and trying to train me,but I don't know why it is happening now and not before.Until last week it wasn't much of an issue.I watched the video,but like I said I can tell when he is going to bite most of the time,what I need to know is how to get him back in his cage.I've tried treats and all the obvious ways,but nothing is working!

Judy in Ohio

Oct 23, 2008
Stop bird biting video series
by: Tracie

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Oct 23, 2008
Beau's changed behavior
by: Kralice4u

Hi Judy,

Sounds to me like Beau is just trying to train YOU!
Believe me, it does not seem that he wants to go back in his cage and also most birds are territorial with their cages.
There are many things that I could suggest for you to do as I have over 20 years of experience with birds of all sorts, BUT
I would strongly like to recommend you buying one of Chet Womack's parrot biting videos. They can be found on this site.
I am telling you, His methods work well!

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