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Jan 06, 2011
Blue Crowned Conure
by: MJ

Hi we bought our conure about 3 weks ago and he bites on our finger when we want to touch him and when we get home he dosnt do much and when we try to bring him out of his cage he refuse. any advise?

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Dec 19, 2008
by: Anonymous

Blue crowns are amazing when they are the only pet in the house. They insist on being a member of the family and sitting on someone's shoulder every waking moment. They are natural clowns and if you laugh at something they do or say, they will remember that and do it again and again.

Our first BCC, Vegas, was 23 years old when he passed away. He would ONLY eat sunflower seeds and table scraps. He died of a tumor in his throat most likely caused by the fat content in sunflower seeds according to the vet. Vegas wouldn't talk, except for "uh-huh" and "uh-uh" but you could ask him dozens of yes-no questions and he would answer correctly every time. I'm still astounded at the hundreds of words he understood. He also could open most of the doors in our house. He would hang by his toes from the woodwork around the door and hook the top of the door with his beak and pry it open. He liked to open the medicine cabinet, crawl in and close it behind him.

Our second BCC Reno will turn 2 in April. He's a talker, he says about 50 different phrases, calls us by our names in conversation, and uses inflection and volume like a human. Two weeks ago he learned to say "sonofab*tch" and we laughed. Big mistake. A typical conversation:
"Step up Barbara"
"Step ... up"
"Step UP!"

We potty trained both our birds but Reno still poops on us. Sometimes he tells us, but with less than a one-second warning. He'll learn as he gets older.

We had to clip Reno's wings. He became such an excellent flyer we could'nt catch him. He flew so fast and could hover and change directions in mid flight he looked more like a swallow than a conure. After we clipped, it took him about an hour to realize he could still fly, but clumsier. It also calmed him down a lot.

To close, avoid seed mixtures that contain sunflower, and let your conure eat with you for every meal at home. Treat your bird like a human and they will act like one.

Oct 17, 2008
by: Ben

Hi there,

I just wanna say we had a blue crown conure parrot like yours years ago but we named ours nicky. During those times we had him we never knew they can be trained and ever sensed my dad sold nicky to our uncle, My uncle trains him after we thought he was one of those wild parrots which couldn't be trained. My dad could not stand his screaming so that's why he sold him. Now that I know you have a parrot like the one we had I congradulate you, and I know charlie will bring you lots of good luck.

Sep 07, 2008
blue crown
by: Anonymous

Sun flower seeds they love them

Aug 22, 2008
Biting conure
by: Anonymous

I found that when my one conure bites, if I gently put him on the floor and walk away coming back in a minute or so, his attitude changes. I think putting him on the floor when he doesnt expect it makes him think of what just happened. My lil guy Cricket bit my finger a few days ago, and he hasnt bit me since. (make sure where you put him is a safe and unfamiliar place) Also, about biting the finger when hes perched..jiggle your hand to throw the bird off balance but not hard enough to throw him to the floor. That slight action should keep him from biting your hand or fingers.

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