Charlie the Love of my life my little green person in a bird suit

by Carol
(Oakland Park Flordia)

This is Carol here and my little Charlie is the love of my life here everyday he's a little green quakerparrot with a great loving intelligent personality he talks alot and has the cutest little quaker talking voice of all and he laughs and like to play and say peekaboo he's just the greatest he means everything to me here everyday I just love'em with all my heart and just want the longest life and a great life for him here everyday with me his mommy and I also take him out everywhere with me and he loves it and every time if we start to go out he will go and say Want Out it's so cute

quakers are the greatest they really are I love my little green person little charlie here more and more everyday and also have an amazon parrot and I just love her to the exact same way they are the loves of my life here everyday and could never-ever be without'em not ever no way I just love'em both all way to much they are simply the greatest what more can I say they're feathered children that just look like birds it's a person in a bird suit they're just all to iintelligent to be birds they really are

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Jul 30, 2010
Your love
by: Anonymous

Knowing how awful our species can be, you lift my sprit. Our littlest angeles do not belong in a cage, a pet. I confess, I have two little fids, that run the store. I am also unconditionally in love with them.

Feb 05, 2010
Carol, you made my day and touched my heart.
by: Anonymous

Hi Carol, I just loved what you wrote. As mom to 3 quakers, 2 green and a blue, I know exactly how you feel. When i saw "little green person in a bird suit" I just knew it would be a QP!
There is just something about quakers that warms the soul and fills the heart.
The purring and hugging is out of this world.
Quakers get a bad rap sometimes as being loud and aggressive. I find they make you earn their trust perhaps more than some other parrots, but once earned is yours for life.
Your Charlie sounds like the kind of little guy I could fall head over heels in love with.
Enjoy your special bond and give him a big old kiss from me. And my quakes: Jade , Mrs. Buddy, and Ducky all send him a great big hello from our house to yours.
Mary Ann

Feb 05, 2010
Charlie the Love of my life my little green person in a bird suit
by: Linda

Carol, you are absolutely correct in that THEY ARE PEOPLE IN BIRD SUITS! Your letter is not only heartwarming, it is the way most people get to feel about their Birdy friends.

Parrots have roughly the emotional/mental development of 4-5 year old human children, making them one of the most intelligent pets on the planet. They "get" us and proceed to let us know and see that once they trust us to take good care of them. The trust is not given. It is earned, and sounds like you've won both your birds over with kindness, love and a sincere wish to take care of them.

I've always loved the birds because they are intelligent and also because they have such a great capaciity for unconditional love. Like other pets, they don't care what we look like or how much money we have or what kind of car we drive. They ARE particular that we HAVE a car though, cause getting to go for rides is an important part of the fun they have.

Some years' ago, we travelled 2700 miles from Oregon to Tennessee in a cross-country move. We took our 3 Amazons, and they rode with me in van with two cats. The Amazons LOVED the long, hot trip. We took them into motel rooms each night, and they loved a different room every night. First thing next morning, they'd be READY TO GO, and would hurridly eat their breakfast so they could "get on the road". The trip took 7 days and 6 nights, and the parrots were the best travellers you could ask for. My Bluefront, Nikki, danced with her reflection in the back window all the way. They were tired by the time we arrived at new home, but suffered no ill effects from the trip.

The cats were the WORST passengers I've ever had. They whined and cried for the entire 2700 miles. They did not like the car moving all the time, they did not like staying in a large "kitty" cage, and finally, they did not like staying in the van at night though they became used to being able to stretch their legs at night and early next morning. Cats just don't like travel as any of you with cats already know. Our 3 dogs and 3 parrots thought the trip was a real adventure, and the 2 poor kitties thought the world was ending. They DID like their new and larger home, so they got back to normal pretty quickly!

Keep up the good work with your parrots and know that there are many of us who feel the same way about them. The birds deserve every good thing we can do for them. They deserve good homes with loving people and much more. I'll always remember what you said about "people in little green parrot suits", as it SUMS UP THE PARROTS IN ONE SENTENCE. ThankYou.

Thanks for writing and making my day!!!

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