Chart of Compatable Parrots

by Jack Sparrow
( Perth, Western Australia)

Good day to you all,
I am in Perth Western Australia.

I was wondreing if someone out there could tell me where to locate a Chart of Compatable Parrots.Some weeks back I found one on the Internet, but did not lock in the address and,of course,I cant find it again.

Jack Sparrow

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Feb 05, 2013
Chart of Compatable Parrots
by: Linda

A good rule of thumb, when putting birds together for an inside or outside flight that's large, is to only have one species of bird to one aviary. The same holds true for birds in cages, though as Tracie said, all birds do not get along even if they are the same species. Her info about regions goes along with species too. In other words, birds from South America get along better than do combinations like Macaws and Cockatoos both from entirely different regions. This holds true even for setting up a bird room with everyone in their own cage. When breeding, this is a very important factor because birds feel comfortable and safe with those from their home countries or regions. An example would be trying to breed Cockatoos and Macaws in the same room. This probably won't work very well because birds are from different countries, so they will not settle down and be comfortable living and breeding together in same room. If your house is large enough, you can always have different rooms for different species.

As Tracie mentioned, there are some very unusual combinations of birds who become fast friends, and these are the exceptions and not the rule. I worked in a shop where a Military Macaw named Sargeant was okay with a tiny parrotlet in his cage. Of course, I never meant those two to get together, but the little parrotlet kept escaping from his cage, and would end up many mornings in the cage with the huge Macaw leaned up against his leg. A precious sight, but worried me to no end! So, strange relationships can be made in the bird world, and for everyone's protection, we follow the info for same species or similar species and region for bird groupings.

Thanks for writing, and do come back anytime you have more questions because we are here for you and your birds.


Feb 04, 2013
Chart for comparing parrots?
by: Tracie

I don't know if you are talking about our Parrot Species Comparison Chart or not, but you can click this link to see that.

As far as finding "compatable" parrots, parrots have to choose their own cage mates, you can't stick two parrots together safely even if they are the same species.

Most people feel that birds from the same region get along best with each other. For instance, you could keep a splendid parakeet and a bourke's parakeet together because they are both from Australia and are not aggressive, typically. They are both ground feeders and get along in the wild.

There are people who find their birds get along and they are very unusual mixes. I know of a lady that has an Amazon parrot that prefers the company of a budgie, but they picked each other, the owner did not just put them together. It would be normal for the Amazon to kill the budgie under normal circumstances.

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