Cheri's Jardine Parrot

by Cheri
(Mt Vernon ,Washington)

I had originally called on a group of Conures a lady had for adoption ,, knowing most bird species I knew what she had and was going to add one more to my flock of nine different parrots.

I arrived and went to her bird room looked at the Conures , then looked at her out door aviary with five Macaws then went in the house to Two Cockatoos and here to my right was this little conure looking like bird in a little cage.. I asked her about it and she said oh no one would want that bird because it had plucked its chest... I said WRONG I want it, a couple days later I went out and picked it up and brought it home but in surfing the internet could not figure out just what kind of conure I had?

We were looking at all kinds of websites when we found this one and sure has heck we have a little Jardines parrot.. she is a delight and so easy going. Most the time she hangs out on the playstand with my Blue Crown and Goffins Cockatoo and they all get along great.

She is a pig and will eat anything you offer her and mostly loves fresh food time.. I offer a variety of fresh and cooked foods daily and I think thats her favorite part of the day.
We have not yet figured out if she is a one person bird yet however it does not seem that way , and boy can she mimic and talk... she surprises us everyday with something new.

Its is a pleasure to know we have one of these beautiful little parrots in our flock.