Cherry Headed Conure just like the Conures on Telegraph Hill

This Cherry Headed Conure is a rescue bird. Marley was called a Christmas Conure in the ad.

Cherry Headed Conure Picture Red Masked Conure Picture

Marley is 7 years old and a male Cherry Headed Conure. I spotted an ad in our local paper for a "Christmas Conure" for $50. So I went and checked him out.

The current owner had lived with him for about 6 mos. and his honking was driving him crazy. It turns out Marley had been hand fed, and then sold and became a breeder. He remained so until a year ago when his mate died and the breeder sold him. The young man who purchased him was hoping to tame him but ran out of patience.

He was so handsome, talked to me and looked so healthy I went ahead and brought him home. He doesn't care for hands, like my green cheek didn't, but once out of his cage he likes to sit on my shoulder.

He says "hello", sneezes and says "achoo." While his honking was a shock, and is not as irritating like my Nanday and Green Cheeked Conure, it is rather loud. He is so shy and I think he will make a sweet friend once he gets used to us.


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