Cherry tree and sun conneor

by Fariba

I have a cherry tree.. Can i place my sun connior on it to play ? Is it safe for her?
Thank you.

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May 21, 2013
Cherry tree and sun conneor
by: Linda

Cherry tree leaves and wet bark contain a deadly poison called Cyanide. Also the cherry pits contain this same poison. It is one of the worst poisons in the world because it kills in seconds, and there is not time for any kind of medical services.

Keep your bird off of and out of cherry trees. Cherry wood, once it is cut and dried for a long time is okay for birds, though it is still not recommended for them. When I say "dried", I mean cured for years in a very dry place or kiln dried by some lumber companies. The reason it is still not recommended is people have varying ideas of what dry wood is, so to be safe, use no cherry wood.

Manzanita is a wood that is as pretty as Cherry and as hard and it is safe for birds.

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May 21, 2013
No cherry tree wood for birds
by: Tracie

There are two issues here. You do NOT want your bird in a tree that wild birds have been in, because your bird may get a disease from the wild birds. Also, your bird may fly away and not come back.

Cherry wood is on our toxic wood list. The Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list is thanks to Mario D. Vaden: M. D. Vaden - Trees & Landcapes. His main site address for his landscape company is

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