Cherry-head conure - light biting

I have a 15 year old cherry-head conure. The majority of the time that he is standing on me, he likes lightly bite my face. They are quick bites and in an interval, and he make a small sound when he does it. It's not a full-on bite, and it doesnt really hurt...most of the time. Its more like he keeps nipping.

Is he just trying to be playful or get attention? How do get him to stop? Also, what makes it difficult is that I can't bring my hands near him if he is standing on me. He'll bite at my hand, because I think he is afraid I'll try to put him back on the cage. Otherwise he normally let's me touch him. Thanks!

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May 30, 2010
Same Problem but worse
by: Melissa

I used 2 babysit birds, and one i babysat, a cherryhead named Merv, decided she didn't want 2 go back home with owner so was givin 2 me, i could not let her on my shoulder because she would be fine one minute and then make some strange sounds and bite hard on my face the moment I moved. It can develope into serious problems. She was a feather picker 4 8 yrs, and would attack her own leg. Poor thing was nuts but the best friend I ever had. I loved her 2 death till she passed and will get another some day.

Dec 22, 2009
Cherry-head conure - light biting
by: Linda

GET YOUR BIRD OFF YOUR SHOULDER AND KEEP HIM OFF YOUR SHOULDER. When birds are on our shoulders, they have opportunity to perpetrate severe injuries to our faces and eyes and ears. Allowing bird to gently bite you on the face is asking for a severe injury. If a bird becomes frightened by ANYTHING or if he is jealous of another person you may be talking to, and this includes on the phone, he can do what is called DISPLACED AGGRESSION which is, if you can't bite the one you want to bite, bite the one you're with!

Train him NOT to go up to your shoulder. Since you've allowed it for so long, it will be a challenge. There are some training materials out here, and take a look at them. Do a search on internet about how to keep bird off your shoulder if you don't find that in the materials here. Look at them first.

I have seen people who lost an eye because of this shoulder parrot thing, and the light biting is a warning of far worse things to come. Parrots are wild animals, very sensitive and sometimes nervous creatures. They will react to certain situations as their wild ancestors would, so please get this bird off shoulder and keep it off.

For anyone else reading this, I cannot stress how important this is. All it takes is one "accident", and someone loses an eye. How much simpler to have not let the bird on shoulder to begin with.

Thanks for writing,

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