chewing claws

by Sam
(Brisbane,Queensland, Australia)

I've noticed my sun conure chewing his baby toenail/claw. He holds his foot up like it's hurt too and I don't understand why. The claw is almost chewed to nothing but all others remain intact. Can you suggest anything?

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Apr 17, 2012
Chewing claws
by: Anonymous

There's nothing we can suggest on a forum to help you with your bird.

Your bird needs to see an avian vet and be examined. Only a vet who is able to physically see your birds talon can give a proper diagnosis and treatment.

If you don't get your bird into an avian vet right away, your bird may not only lose his toe, but end up losing his entire foot, and possibly his leg.

Are you prepared to have a special needs animal? Bc that can get expensive. Especially when it could of been prevented by you simply taking him to the vet. It will cost way less to get him treated now, then it will later.

Please find an AVIAN vet . Not just any vet. An Avian vet specializes in just birds, and bird health.

Denying your pet obvious medical treatment he may need is against the law. Please keep that in mind, because any of your friends or family see that, they can report you.

If you cannot afford a vet (which most vets will work with you on payments) Then you need to find your bird a new home with someone who can afford the vet.

It's sad you waited this long to where "his claw is chewed to almost nothing" on a forum. Your bird is sick/injured and needs medical attention right away. I'm sure you saw the bird doing this for a while now, and chose to ignore it.

I'm sorry to be so blunt, but really, why has he not been taken to a vet yet?
People like you make me sad.

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