Chewing nails off

by Rick James
(Los Angeles, California United States)

I have an 8 year old parrot and he recently got injured do not know how because he was home alone. It was just a cut above his middle finger so we cleaned it and treat it for infections, then later on that night he bit his nail completely off we did not notice till the next day.

Later on the day after the injury he ripped of several other nails from both of his feet. I took him to a vet but it seemed like she did not know what was happening and told me it was do to stress and he will stop soon after. Well my parrot recently ripped off other nails and now only has three left on both his feet, so i wanted to know if that was the problem and if it is what can i do to prevent him from ripping them all off because i also notice he is chewing on the meat were he has no more nail. I NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP!!!

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Nov 19, 2008
Bird chewing nails
by: The Vet

Is this an Amazon parrot? There is a syndrome in amazons known as Amazon Foot Necrosis. It can be caused by different things. Sometimes allergies, toxins, nicotine from tobacco, circulation problems, arthritis, gout, and others.

You need to have your bird seen by an avian specialist. A complete history of your bird would be a critical part of diagnosing this problem. Diet? Environmental issues such as perches? Exposure to toxins? What caused the original injury ? your bird or something traumatic?...

You need to get to an avian veterinarian that is board certified. If you are near me, I am happy to see him. If not, you can search these two web sites for ones in your area -

Dr. B

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