Chicken tail feathers look chewed

by jeanette

My 3 year old ex-batt hen is healthy although
perhaps a little overweight. I have noticed
the end (not where it joins the body) of her tail feathers look scruffy and some just have the central
shaft. Some of her back feathers look not smooth.
She doesn't appear to be scratching and checked for
lice eggs on shaft and can't see anything. Should
I treat with frontline as a percaution in case it is
northern fowl mite?

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Sep 01, 2011
Chicken feathers
by: The Avian Vet

I cannot recommend using Frontline on poultry. It is not labeled for use in poultry and there are no published withdrawal times. It is possible that these feathers are just worn and broken and have not been replaced with a molt. Most batt cage hens are in cramped quarters and frequently have broken feathers. I recommend that you Find an Avian Veterinarian that can examine your bird to be sure that this is not a parasite or other illness. It may also be nutrition related. Be sure you are feeding a good poultry crumble or pellet.

Dr B

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