Chicken the Hahn"s macaw stole my heart

by Lynda
(Philadelphia Pa)

I received a phone call from my husband back in April. He asked Lynda do you want a mini macaw? I said sure. I've been a bird owner for twenty years. I have a lovely yellow naped amazon.

Anyway, this couple were dying to get rid of this god awful parrot. They said how horrible this poor little bird was. They were the second owners. She hollered all day and all night. We'll bring her to you they said. I said no I'll get her.She was an absolute sweet heart. Of course they were making basic rookie mistakes putting hands in cage etc. She was potty trained and even sleeps in one of those little tents. Anyway, I figured out the problem. The bird changed overnight I had no such problems.

Then it occured to me they both smoked like a train. She couldnt breathe. She hollered all night because they covered her and their house was extremely smokey. So I am so happy that I got this sweetheart that i adore out of this envoirment. Smoke will cause parrots to behave badly.

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Jul 05, 2009
Wonderful Story!
by: Linda

Yes, Lynda, you are correct about smoke. Husband and I smoke some, but we go outside to do it as it will kill the birds, and it hurts dogs and cats too. Birds just can't tolerate it as their size is so small. Dogs and cats will get illnesses like bronchitis and pneumonia and even COPD if they are around it long enough. The dangers of second hand smoke are much worse for our pets than for humans.

I am happy about your sweet little Hahns Macaw. I love them so much! When I worked in a bird store in Portland, we had a couple do the same thing with their Hahns. They called and said that the bird was EVIL and that it just bit them all the time and screamed the rest of the time. I told them to bring the EVIL bird in and we'd handle it. They brought this gorgeous Hahans Macaw in cage and all and left so glad to be rid of the EVIL that had invaded their home! I went to his cage, opened door, told iittle bird to "up", and he jumped right up on my hand. When I held him close to me, he even gave me a very gentle "kiss" on closed lips! He did not stay in the store for even a week before a family came in, fell in love with him, and took him home with a new cage, toys, good food and books to read about their new family member.

Novices need to study, study, study to learn all they can about their birds. Then, once the basics are learned, ask other bird people about birds. The learning never stops. I'm 60 years old and have raised and trained hundreds of birds, and I learn something new every day about these wonderful creatures we call parrots! Thanks for your story, and your Hahns has a wonderful family with you and your husband.

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