chicken with lump

by victoria
(saint augustine, FL , USA)

Hello my name is victoria and I am 12 years old... When I grow I want to be a vet. I live on a farm and about a year ago a raccoon attackied my 2 baby black leghorn chicks... the rooster died protecting the hen, but the hen had both her leg bones shoved through her sides. Now she is a beautiful slick black hen. She walks like a penguine!

She lives with rabbits and thinks she is one (she even sleeps during the and wakes at night). My rabbits (8 of them, but for are 4 week old babies and the males are in separate cages) live on a closed in porch and run freelyon the floor. The chicken mothers the babies just like the rabbits... the problem is, that she ahs a HUGE bump on the side of her neck...

I love her very much but can't affford the vet cost because I just got my male fixed after the babies. Please tell me what to do... I have raised her from an egg, saved her life and given her a wonderful family... I love her lots please help me!

She is 1 year old (my dad said she shouldn't have lived past 4 month after the accident), a female, a sweet heart... I have Isolated her and kept her warm at night and away from the bunnies and rabbits... Tell me what I should do... I look up to you veterinarians so please don't tell me to put her down! How much would a check up be? I live in st. augustine FL The closest vet is the st. johns

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Feb 13, 2012
chicken with lump in neck
by: Tracie

I am sorry, but there is nothing Dr B can suggest for your hen, because he can't examine the bird and test the lump. He also can not prescribe anything over the Internet. You will need to Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird to determine what is causing the lump in order to get treatment suggestions.

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