Chipped beak

by Clara catsan
(Snohomish Wa)

My bird fell of her perch the other day and chipped the tip of her beak. It almost looks like a manually clipped beak, like they do on some chickens. She's acting like everythings fine and seems completely untramatized or hurt. She's even preening and eating fine. I just need to know if she is okay. She's acting fine but loosing a tip of your beak seems like a hefty injury

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Dec 07, 2011
Chipped beak
by: Linda

Unless it is bleeding, she's probably okay though it can be sore for a week or so.

To keep this from happening again, take your bird to an Avian Vet when beak gets a long point on the end of it so they can clip the beak and get the point off as this is what breaks, and birds can bleed out from an injury to the beak. Never clip a bird's beak at home because unless you are experienced with this, the danger of bleeding out is of major concern.

If she's eating all seed diet, you also need to change her over to a healthy organic pellet like Harrison's found here as they not only provide 100% nutrition, but also are hard enough to help keep beaks honed down. Changing from seeds or junk pellets, i,e. Zupreem/Lafaebers, takes time and here is a link about how to go about the change:

Switching Birds To Pellets article

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