chipped or cracked egg

by dr.hazra

hello doc,, my pair of lilian lovebirds have laid an egg for the first time.They destroyed the 1st egg,,they cracked it by mistake i guess,then the hen laid a 2nd egg,,i noticed a sight cracked end ant the narrow side of the egg,but the shell is intact..I just wanna know will the egg survive,or should i remove it to avoid infection and contamination,,And how many more eggs will the hen lay,She is nicely building up the nest..she is also sitting and incubating the 2nd egg which is a bit chipped from the top... plz do reply,,im worried

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Nov 04, 2013
chipped or cracked egg
by: Linda

Cracked eggs are already dead, so remove them and throw them away. It is no accident the eggs are being cracked. This is a hen who either does not know what to do with them or either she or the male are breaking the eggs on purpose.

Many handfed baby birds do not know how to be mothers. This comes from commercial breeders hatching eggs using incubators and handfeeding babies from the first moment. If they have no idea they are a bird, then they have no idea of how to be a mother to their own babies.

If this continues to happen, I would safely say that you have one of these types of birds. Unless birds are imprinted with their bird mothers, they do not know they are birds much less how to raise their own babies. You may need to get another hen and make sure this one was raised the old fashioned way by allowing the mother to feed for a while.

A trip to an avian vet to see if hen is well will also be a good idea because if she has some kind of infection or other physical issue, she will not feel like sitting on eggs much less feeding babies.

I hope this helps some because without a lot more information there is nothing else anyone on the internet can do to help. Thank You for writing and let us know how it's going.


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