choosing the right bird.

by Sammi
(Los Angeles, CA)

Hello. I am in the process of deciding which bird is right for me. I am a very experienced large bird own (my parents own a macaw and an amazon) but now I am on my own in an apartment and looking to buy my first bird.

I am looking at green cheek conures, cockatiels, and love birds. In your opinion, which will be the least offensive for my neighbors? (I'd rather not get thrown out due to noise complaints!). There is a local parrot store I went to, and she said a green cheek would be great because they do not chirp all day and their call isn't all that loud, but I have heard they can get noisy. So I'm not sure if she was just trying to make the bigger sale.

(The walls of my apartment aren't crazy thin... I have never heard my neighbors tv and only when the windows are open do I hear their baby cry).

I know this is not a medical question, but I would very much like your opinion!

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Dec 28, 2011
choosing the right bird.
by: Linda

Well, I don't think any of the three you named will work in an apartment. My suggestion is to get a couple of Budgies and a large cage that is longer than tall so they can fly around without hitting anything. They will need a few toys in there to amuse themselves too. All parrots like wooden toy pieces that they can chew on which helps to keep beaks honed down. When you have two birds, there is likely to be less interaction with you though Budgies are very good about taming down and being good pets. The problem will come when they are out of cage. All windows and doors must be kept closed if they have their wings or they will fly out.

My suggestion is to get the largest Budgie cage you can afford, and take them to Avian Vet for wing clipping. Have the Avian vet only clip the 4-6 primary flight feathers on each wing. These are the long feathers at the ends of each wing. They will get enough excercise climbing around their cage instead of flying. Also be sure to replace wooden dowels with safe wood natural branch perches so their feet are comfortable.

Your thought about getting only one bid will not work because birds are very social creatures, and one alone with even a lot of toys is going to get lonely which leads to depression.

My other suggestion, since you appear to have little time for interacting with them is a pair of nice finches who or canaries will be very happy to stay in their large cage without being handled.

Apartments are tough as for pets, and one bird alone will not work out for you because by the time you DO get home tired from your day, your bird will be eager for more attention than you'll have the energy for.

So, two Budgies or two finches or canaries would work in this situation. The Budgies do learn to talk though it's very difficult to understand them. They are fun and loving birds. They also do a lot of low key singing and talking which will not be too loud for the neighbors

While at the Avian Vet's make sure both birds are checked for infections as most pet store birds are already infected with some kind of bacterial infection from being with so many other strange birds.

Hope this helps your dilemma some and good luck.


Dec 28, 2011
by: Sammi

Thank you! Your comments have been very helpful!

Dec 28, 2011
apartment:choosing the right bird
by: Shannara

Apartment living has it's own chalanges for sure. consideration of neighbors is a must I agree.

green cheek conures:
+med. attention seeker
if you go to work for 10 hrs you had better have some interchangable toys to keep them happy. Maybe leave on the radio. Be ready for some birdie hugs when you get home.
+ pleasant personality, playful and fun to teach.

-very verbial they like to speak up in loud tones and can be heard from outside. neighbors will know when he is mad LOL

+plesant personality
+Low attention seeker... meaning that you can go to work and so long as you have some toys in cage your cockateil will be just fine while your gone for 12 hours and ready to play with you when you walk in the door.
+ loving, playful, sing and talk some. Not too loud.

- dusty feathers

love birds
+ sweet song
+ low attention seeker
+ not too loud

- not really a step up be held kind of fella
- LOTS of energy I mean LOTS! Love to fly about the house so wing trimming a must to keep them safe and not flying into a window and getting hurt.

Just my thoughts and experiances though nothing sceintific :)
Hope you find yoru perfect feathered companion!

Dec 28, 2011
Choosing the right bird
by: Tracie

I am sorry Sammi, but I did move this from the ask the vet section. Dr B is snowed under due to a personal emergency. He is just now getting to questions from over a month ago. He has a medical practice and teaches at a university, so I am only sending things that are absolutely necessary.

My opinion about GC's is that they are loud, I don't know if they make noise when you are gone, because I never left a recorder on when we left to know.

We could hear our GC's screaming for attention when we were 60ft at the other end of our home with 3 doors shut between us and them. They are not as loud as the bigger birds, but make noise more often.

We have stories at the bottom of each of our parrot profile pages that might be helpful for you.

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