Christmas trees safe?

by Sue
(Anaheim, CA, USA)

I have a 8 year old umbrella cockatoo and this is the first year with a live Christmas Tree....will this harm her?

I have asked around and was told it would not, but thought I would ask someone else.

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Dec 15, 2011
Christmas trees safe?
by: Linda

As Anonymous said, the decorations will be toxic for your bird. The needles and wood are also toxic, so make sure your bird does not, for any reason, fly into the tree and eat things that are poison.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and if you are careful, your sweet bird will also have a Very Merry Christmas.


Dec 14, 2011
christmas trees
by: Anonymous

As long as the christmas trees have not been sprayed with pesticides and they are either pine or fir, they should be safe.

Also be sure there are no bugs in the tree.

You have to watch your cockatoo though, to make sure she doesn't chew on the garland or lights. She could get an impacted crop if she swallows the garland or any ornaments.

Hope this helps.

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