chronic cockatiel conjunctivitis

by Susan Karlsson
(San Diego, CA)

Hi, I have been working closely with a highly qualified avian vet for months trying to find an answer to why my cockatiel has chronic conjunctivitis. Bloodwork is normal. She has undergone 5o days of Doxyclcline treatment for suspected psitticosis.Cultures of her nasal fluids revealed nothing. There are no fungal issues. A biopsy of her eye tissue shows it's chronic but offers no answer.

She's had two ELISA tests. One before treatment and one after.Her titers show that she possibly did have psitticosis but he thinks it is a delayed response from before treatment. I'm sure it is quite uncomfortable for her. She's tried Baytril and several eye drops and ointments during the Doxy treatment. She was blind in one eye when I got her. She is approximately 2 years old.

Do you have any suggestions of new places to explore for an answer??Have you seen this before? Thanks so much for your time.


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Nov 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

Eye on dove is swollen and white, continued taken to vet with intense treatment. Changed diet to pellets, treated for conjunctivitis,clymedia for 6 weeks, (doxyclycline injectable) AB tx for both eyes. Still one eye is still bothering her. All other health issues are good...My vet did a thorough work up..

Mar 03, 2010
sent mess...

i sent a message about conjunktivitis. did you recieve? any answers? please.................

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Mar 02, 2010
by: jenny

my cocatiel died today at 400pm she had conjunctivitis. she was treated early to. had bay tril and eye drops.and the end she stopped eating got thin . on a drip and syringed fed. at vets... i have all so lost two budges as well in such a short time............

Aug 31, 2009
Cockatiel may have conjunctivitiv
by: Chris Lallement

Hi I have just been on holiday for three weeks and I got my cockatiel back from my aunty who has him every year and both eyes are swollen just above both eyes, both eyes are swollen red just above his eye on his eyelid and have started to crust over. he can still see through it though but something similar this happened a few years ago when he came back from my aunties once again when we went on holiday, this cleared up quiet well and there hasn't been a problem since now when he came back from my Aunite's this time round
When my aunty noticed the swollen eye she thoroughly cleaned the entire cage and base and left him in a place which was warm but not too hot so it was a comfortable temperature. (basically placed in the same room as her)
She also has another bird but this bird has not gone down with it and wee have seen several pictures of birds with conjunctivits and so we believe it to be conjunctivitis.We believe this because he is also trying to rub his eye which we continue having to stop by distracting him from doing it.
We are unsure whether to bath his eye very gently to try and help him out but other than that we are not entirely sure what to do. Is there any sort of solution you can suggets that may help our cockatiel such as antibiotics?
he is roughly 9 years old.

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Mar 02, 2009
Chronic Conjunctivitis
by: The Vet

In my differential list I left off neoplasia (cancer) and yeast.

Dr B

Mar 02, 2009
Chronic Conjunctivitis
by: The Vet

Yes, I have seen this chronic cockatiel conjunctivitis a few times. It sounds like your dr. has done a thorough job working this case up. Chlamydophila is certainly the first differential on the list in cases such as this. Given that there is a positive test for Chlamydophilla, I would continue to look for that and treating with doxy was a good call.

There are other diseases that cause this. The ones on my differential list are - mycoplasma, hypovitaminosis A, mycobacteria, fungal, foreign body, maybe Adenovirus, allergies or inflammation caused by some environmental allergen such as tobacco smoke, scented candles, household cleaners, etc. .

It would help to know if this is in both eyes (bilateral). Also, a more thorough description of the biopsy would be helpful, as well as a copy of the blood work, and even pictures of the eye(s).

Do you know what caused the blindness? Could be related. How were fungal infections ruled out? Was there a thorough eye exam performed while under anesthesia for the biopsy?

Dr B

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