Cinnamon Conure wont stop screaching.

I have had my conure about 2 years now he will be 3 in june. He used to be a pleasure to have around but he has just become a complete nightmare, i have tryed all the methops, spoken to him softly, he always comes out of the cage so he can fly around or just sit with us but he has all of a sudden started biting us to. He is driving me crazy, to the point that i dont want to be in the house.

Please help
Many thanks, Bex.

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Jan 07, 2011
Cinnamon Conure wont stop screaching.
by: Linda

First thing you have to do immediately is take your bird to be examined by an Avian Vet in your driving area. He could be sick or getting sick or have some other physical problem. Have a throat swab done to check for bacterial infection and have bloodwork done to see if his organs like kidney, liver, thyroid and parathyroid are working properly. The Avian Vet is the only vet qualified to examine, diagnose and treat your bird.

While at the Avian Vet's have his wings clipped and here is how it is correctly done: Have vet clip ONLY the first 6 long primary flight feathers on the ends of each wing. Make sure they do not go up any higher than the longer ones at the ends of the wings because higher up causes chronic pain and cripples the bird. Your bird cannot be allowed to fly all over the house, and trimming his wings will help him to calm down some. Also, make sure his diet is 80-85% high quality organic pellets. Feed NO people food as these are full of salt, sugar and fat all of which are terrible for birds. Feed a high quality pellet which can be found here and fresh clean water. Make sure bird has wooden toys to chew on as parrots like to chew on wood.

Here is link about how to change birds from seeds to pellets and make sure he has been cleared by an Avian Vet before changing diet:

Switching Birds to Pellets article

Something is wrong either with the bird, his food or his environment. If something has changed in the last month or so, this can cause all kinds of upsets with birds. If he is not getting enough rest, which means to bed by 9PM with cage covered in a quiet room so he can get proper amount of rest.

Let us know how everything is going,

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