cinnamon on toast

by Larry
(Shellman Bluff, GA, USA)

I occasionally feed my birds a bite of my french toast before I put the syrup and cinnamon on. if it OK if I forget and feed them a bit that I've already sprinkled with cinnamon?

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Jun 15, 2012
cinnamon on toast
by: Linda

Sorry, but it is NOT okay to allow your bird to eat cinnamon because the bird's digestive system is made for very simple Bird Only food like organic pellets, uncooked organic fruit and veggies and other wholesome products for birds. Most human foods are full of fat, salt, sugar and chemical preservatives making them poison for a bird's body. This includes the toast unless it is made from 100% organic ingredients with no salt, sugar or fats. Sugar is a known toxin for birds, so processed sugars cannot be given to birds for any reason. Salt is also a killer, so same for it. When you are going to buy something for your bird to eat make sure you read ALL ingredients and that you see NO sugar, salt, preservatives or other chemical additives as this food is dangerous. It does not matter that you found it in a pet store who carries bird food because they are some of the worst offenders. If people buy it, it will continue to sell, so always read ingredients carefully. Harrisons and a few other organic pellets have NO preservatives and need to be refrigerated once opened. This is called good food for a bird.

Thanks for writing, and you made me hungry with talk of French Toast!!! I am NOT a bird so it is okay for me to have that.


Editor's note: The cinnamon itself is not dangerous for the bird, it is what you are putting it on that Linda is saying is not good for the bird. There are bird mixes that have cinnamon sticks in them.

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