cleaning cages

by Sandie
(Harrisburg NC)

First let me thank you for getting back to me about my grey and his ruffled feathers. I appreciate it.

I am taking him to the avian vet on Mon. And after that I am going to give it another try to convert him to the zupreem that my other parrot eats. Maybe I just wasn't trying for a long enough period of time. Maybe he is just more stubborn than I am. I never thought that it might take months.

I clean both my greys cages every evening and I dust them by spraying a white vinegar and water solution on my duster. It really helps with all the dust on the cages and I thought I was making it more sanitary for them but now I am beginning to wonder. Any thoughts on that. Could the vinegar and water be hurting them???
Thanks Sandie

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Oct 14, 2011
by: Sandie

Holy smoke!!! I guess I'm lucky I haven't killed them! And here I thought I was buying a really healthy food. Thanks for letting me know.
I'll try what you suggest.

Oct 14, 2011
Cleaning bird cages
by: Tracie

No, I do not think vinegar and water could be hurting them. If you want a cleaner that is safe for your birds and you, and also kills strep and other bacterias then I suggest you switch to Pet Focus. I clean everything but windows and mirrors with this cleanser.

I know you have already been through a lot, but ZuPreem is on the top of the "don't feed" list for our avian vet. He says it is high in sugar and chemicals and can cause health problems and feather issues.

Eventually, I suggest you try to switch your birds to Harrison's or Roudybush pellets.

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