Clear tone CAG?

by M Asif Arain
(Karachi pakistan)

Hi Have congo African Grey parrot since he was a 6 weeks old chick now he is almost 13 months old some times I worder about his tone he speaks alot but in very thin voice as I have a thick voice few words he speaks clearly in my tone but rest same old chick tone. My question is in which age he will utter speak words in my voice as said he is almost 13 months old now.

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Jun 04, 2013
Clear tone CAG?
by: Linda

Birds learn to talk at different rates and in different ways. Parrot talk is not a science, so it is difficult to answer your question. Most parrots learn to talk in a higher voice and like the voice of a woman over a man at least in the beginning. 13 months old is very young and he is still very much a baby speaking like a baby.

He will pick up words and phrases as time goes on. In the meantime, enjoy him for himself and understand that he is just a baby.As he matures, he'll pick up words and sounds. Some parrots talk better than others, so having a Grey is not a guarantee he will have a large vocabulary. Since birds have no vocal chords, it is a miracle that they can speak at all. Enjoy the miracle your bird is.

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