CLICKING NOISE n looks like dancing or bobbing

by Michael Kohl
(Baltimore, Maryland)

Clicking noise, When i first awaken or enter a room I great Torrie my cockatoo, she starts this loud clicking! Is this a positive thing or a concern?
Bobbing or dancing, I have seen Torrie bouncing her head up n down she looks like she is dancing or is she upset?

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Jan 18, 2012
Dancing,clicking cocky
by: Eva

My boyfriends cockatoo starts clacking his beak whenever he sees me. I'm fairly sure he's 'blowing kisses' as I always make kissy noises at him and tell him "Nice kisses, mummy's baby" (gushy girlie stuff I know). Maybe thats what your cocky is doing?

Jul 26, 2011
clicking and bobbing
by: sharon

It sounds like your parrot is getting excited when you enter the room maybe he is wanting a compainion or he is getting lonely ....from my experience they usually do this around other birds when they are wanting to mate.

Jul 21, 2011
CLICKING NOISE n looks like dancing or bobbing
by: Linda

Dancing, and I strongly suggest you do some study about your bird so you can begin to understand parrot behavior. If you have a larger Too, you will need all the study you can get to make this work. Parrots are exotic wild animals, and it is important to learn all you can about their behaviors which differ from species to species. This information may one day save your face, an eye, a finger or that of someone else. Parrots can be dangerous and only the people willing to keep learning about them will be able to be safe with them and provide that same safety to others. To wait and ask other people instead of doing the work yourself means your commitment to your bird is not very deep.

Learning is a life-long thing especially with the parrots. It's fun and helps you feel more in tune with your bird as he will with you. When your bird knows he can trust you to always know what is what with him your life with your bird will be much easier. As long as you don't do the work, your bird will remain lonely and starved for real understanding.

Thanks for writing,

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