Clingy Conure

by Teresa
(Cocoa, Florida, U.S.A)

I have a Sun Conure named Piper. I have had him for about 2 years now. As with many if not all conures/parrots/birds, he is very attached to me, like I am his mommy. I live with my parents, and one time I went to a friend's house for the weekend. I was gone for 2 nights, and when I got home, I was told by my mom that Piper seemed very depressed that I was gone. Piper has this little fuzzy tent thing that he sleeps in (we call it a snuggie), and my mom told me that he would not come out of it the whole time. Not to eat, drink, nothing.

He is fine now if I am only gone for 1 night, but my friends and I are planning on going on a cruise a little over a year from now. My friend told me that this cruise would be a 5 day one. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help Piper not be so depressed and to be social with others to keep him happy if I need to be gone more than 1 night at a time.
I love my little bird, and I would hate it if he thought I had abandoned him if I'm gone longer than usual.

P.S. I went to a bird store and asked one of the ladies there this same thing. Her suggestion was to take the snuggie away whenever I am gone so he is forced to be social.

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Jan 18, 2013
by: Anonymous

Just read this posting today. I have the same problem, what is worse is that my conure completely wants to be ON me all day. She will eat and drink and do what is necessary to survive but outside of this her eyes are on my every move! Hope all is well. I just felt better knowing that I wasn't the only one with the same situation.

Jun 06, 2011
Clingy conure and taking a trip
by: Tracie

Awww, your bird loves you so much!

I feel confident that your bird DID come out to eat and drink, your mom just didn't see it.

I do NOT suggest you take away it's bird tent, if that is it's comfort.

I suggest that you spend the night away a few times before going on the cruise. That way the bird gets used to the idea that you go away, but you always come back.

I also suggest that the person that will care for your bird when you are gone try to develop a bit more of a relationship with the bird. You can hold the bird and then pass the bird off to them. If the bird resists, just draw it back and comfort it. If it DOES go to the other person, give it a treat and lots of praise.

Thanks for writing! I am sure all of this will work out fine in the end.

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