Clingy screechy conure - should we get it a companion?

by Iris

We originally had a yellow-sided green-check conure, and decided to get a crimson-capped GCC as its companion when the yellow-sided GCC was about 6 mths old. The two got along very well.

We lost the yellow-sided GCC when it was about a year-old, and since then, the crimson-capped GCC has become extremely clingy and noisy (previously the conures were a little noisy, but still at pretty acceptable levels).

If any of our family members leaves or it hears any noise in the house (indicating that there is a human presence), it starts screeching loudly and doesn't stop.

It's now just over a year old. Am wondering if we should get it a companion bird (considering another conure or perhaps a lovebird?) and whether it would help it become less screechy and clingy to humans, or would it teach the new bird the same bad habits and worsen the problem? Would appreciate any advice, thanks very much.

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Oct 23, 2013
Companion bird
by: Iris

We would definitely put the two birds in separate cages first, but if they get along, we'd definitely want them in the same cage (which is sort of the method we'd used when introducing the two GCCs in the beginning).

Understand that two birds would naturally mean twice the noise, mess and bills, but was hoping that having a companion would mean that this bird might stop the incessant screeching for human attention. It's actually quite quiet when it's out or if someone is there in the living where it can see the human.

Oct 22, 2013
Clingy screechy conure - should we get it a companion?
by: Linda

If this bird was bonded with the other one, and it does not take long, it needs another companion. I suggest you take your bird to an Avian Vet ONLY to have it checked out to make sure there is not something physical causing this. If bird is deemed healthy, then you can begin looking for a companion to have in a separate cage. A Lovebird is not a good choice because of the size difference when outside cages. Another bird approximately this one's size and weight would be ideal. Your bird will get along best with another Conure.

The new bird will need to be examined by an Avian Vet BEFORE you bring it home. The reason for this is most birds in pet shops and a lot of breeder's already have some kind of infection, and all infections whether viral or bacterial are highly contagious. See if your Avian Vet would be willing to board the new bird if it shows any signs of infection so it can be treated there and come home to your other bird healthy.

Don't allow them to play out together until they have become friendly from inside their cages. There may also be some jealousy, but I think your present bird will welcome the company and quiet down some. Parrots form strong permanent bonds with either mates or friends. When one dies, the other is lost and the behaviors will reflect this. Some birds become very quiet and withdrawn while others become nervous, anxious and loud. Your bird is showing signs of grieving and there is nothing to console him until another bird is brought into the home. Make sure new bird is kept in its own cage for the duration. Once they get to know each other, playing outside cages will be enough togetherness. Also put cages near each other so both birds can see each other at all times. Good old fashioned barred cages are best for all birds. They need to get plenty of fresh air at all times. I'm not sure if the plexiglass ones in pix are for the birds or not. If they are, you need to change to roomy cages where birds don't feel so enclosed. While the plexiglass cages were a fairly good idea for smaller birds like finches, they are not a good environment for any of the parrots who need open tops and sides for their enclosures. All cages need to be at least 3 to 4 times the size recommended by cage manufacturers because what they advertise are too small for the birds who go into them. They do this to sell more cages and do not care whether your birds are happy in them or not. It's one of those "buyer beware" things.

Good luck and let us know how it's going.


Oct 22, 2013
Screechy bird need a companion?
by: Tracie

You will likely end up with two very loud birds, instead of quieting this bird. It would be kind of you to provide another bird in another cage for it to converse with and possibly play with, if they get along, outside the cage when you are home. Just realize you will have twice the mess, twice the noise and twice the food and avian vet bills.

I suggest you read some of the articles on this Parrot Training page link first. See if you can teach the bird another way to get your attention and set a schedule for the bird to know when you are going to spend time with it.

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