closed leg band

by Carol

My sun conure Kiwi has a closed metal leg band. It looks like it has the following info: J&S (horizontal) TN 00 (vertical). I was told Kiwi was 3 yrs old and male. If the 00 is year of birth then that was not true so now I am also wondering about male/versus female. What does the leg band info mean?

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Jul 28, 2016
Times have changed!
by: Anonymous

While I would agree that it's a good thing to remove closed leg bands, things have changed in the world since I felt that way. For most people, it's still a good idea. But, with the new endangered species lists and laws surrounding the movement of such birds, before having the band removed, if there's any chance you might ever want to travel across state lines, or internationally, with your bird, you may well need it in place, to prove the origin of the bird, or you may be forbidden to move with the bird! Check it out first, eh?

Jul 22, 2009
Leg Bands
by: Linda

Leg bands usually indicate the breeder and can also either indicate the year or the babies number. I would call the people from whom you bought him and ask who J&S is, and they can tell you what the 00 means. You can also have the band removed by the vet the next time you take your bird in for a checkup as these bands can cause problems if bird has a leg injury, irritation or infection and leg swells. Once the leg swells up, the band will cut off all circulation in that leg. They can be removed with bolt cutters, and I would let the vet do it. They are for the breeder's identification, and no longer matter. For older birds, the plain metal bands were put on in quarantine as a sign bird had been through quarantine and was not an illegal bird. All those bands need to be taken off at the earliest convenience.

The bands are just plain dangerous and can also get caught in a toy rope, a piece of wire--list is too long to go into. Have the band removed. You can keep it as one of your little birdy's keepsakes, just get it off his leg.


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