closing of 1 eye on my african grey

by mark w
(vancouver ,BC)

my parrot has recently had a sist removed from his neck and a wart lasered off his tongue. Before and after his surgery he has been closing one eye. He has had eye drops. The community avian vet doesn't know what the problems. My question is, would you have an idea what the problem may be or any ideas what may cause this, and what I can do to remedy this?

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Oct 17, 2008
just to get back to you
by: mark

My parrot is approx. 28 yrs. old. He was in a car accident some years ago. Maybe that damaged his eye. There were no signs before.

The eye was closing before surgery. He was on a seed only diet for years, but the last two years has been eating people food with us (yams, potatoes, toast, apples). My african grey parrot
has had vitamin A and B 12 injections. The lump on his neck was apparently an abcess. The closing eye is the side that the tongue wart is on. It is closed every morning and the bird seems to be very uncomfortable.

In the afternoon, some days the eye opens and he seems fine.

I hope to hear some suggestions.

Oct 14, 2008
African Grey eye problem
by: The Vet

It is possible that the eye was injured during the surgery. This happens if the eye is not protected when the head is lain down during the surgery. The eyes slightly protrude, making them vulnerable to damage from rubbing on the table.

What were the masses that were removed? Is your bird on a seed only diet? If so, the masses were likely hyperkeratosis associated with vitamin A deficiency. Rarely do the lesions need to be removed by surgery. With vitamin A injection and improved diet, they go away on their own.

Dr B

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