Clover wont stop flying off cage

by Kelli

How can I train my Green Quaker to stay on his cage?

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May 02, 2008
Keep bird on cage
by: Tracie

Hi there,

That is a very good question, and very hard to answer! LOL

The only way we have had any kind of success, and it is far from 100%, is to return them to the cage with "noooo" in a low voice and shut the door. We then turn our back and leave the room for a short time.

When we come back we ask them if they want to try again. We spend some time holding them, realizing that they need some loving first, and then put them back on top again.

I think this has worked for the most part. You have to train yourself to get up ever few minutes and give them some attention. Now it is only when we "forget" about them for a while that they will either dive bomb to the floor or sneak down the side and hop to the floor and come to us.

We still return them, as before, but it is a good reminder that they need a flock and they want to be a part of the flock. We need to be more a part of the flock for them to feel fulfilled (filled full.)

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