Clumsy Alexandrine

by Glenn Sears
(Brisbane, Australia)

I have had my baby Aleandrine for 3 months now. He is 6 months old.
He (Hamlet) seems to be excessively clumsy... clumsy to the point that he trips forwards while walking across a flat surface. He is able to climb around his cage & uses the bars to get to higher perches and walk across cotton rope perches etc. He doesn't fall off persches or anything like that (but he does occassionaly wobble just a little bit & then stabalises himself while on a perch) However he is clumsy & very unstable while walking - specifically on flat surfaces.
I have trieds to research but I haven't been able to find very much information specific to this.
One thing I did find was a statement that baby Alexandrines are notoriously foot clumsy up until the approx age of 6 months.
Hamlet is now 6 months but his clumsiness doesn't seem to be getting any better.
I'm not sure if this is just normal baby clumsiness for Alexandrines of if there is something that might be more to this.
Hamlets feet also don't seem quite right as one of his rear facing toes often goes to the front with the other 2 front toes - it does go to the rear as well. Is this normal and just "flexibility in babies" or is something wrong with his feet causing the toes misplacement & also clumsiness.

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Mar 28, 2009
Alexandrine balance problems
by: The Vet

In my experience I do not see that Alexandrines, or any other baby, is clumsy at 6 months. By this age they should have good coordination. Birds are not designed to walk gracefully on flat surfaces, but they manage without falling if everything is normal.

The abnormal toe positioning could be related to poor nutrition, mostly during the hand feeding process, but can be made worse by not feeding a good diet after weaning.

Balance issues can be related to a bad wing clip. Is you bird?s wing feathers clipped?

Also, calcium deficiency will cause this. Is you bird eating pellets? Harrison's pellets are the best.

Is he perching without falling off the perch?

Dr B

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