cocatoo after vet visit

my cocatoo was haveing a hard time breating so we took her to the vet and he said she had an egg in her for too long of a time, he gave her antibiotics and was supposed to give her a calcium shot. we then took her home and she was pirching,eating etc....she laid the egg and all...the doctor then called me and said the nurse never gave her the calcium shot so we took her right back to get it..when the nurse brought her back out she wasnt walking, pirching,etc.....what could b wrong with my bird? all the tests came back ok

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Jun 09, 2011
Bird lame after laying egg
by: The Avian Vet

First, since she laid the egg, the calcium injection was not necessary. Second, I do not know what happened when they took your bird back for the injection. I have known handlers to be rough when a bird struggles and cause injury. The calcium injection would not have caused these symptoms.

It is possible that an egg bound bird can have injury to the sciatic nerve from pressure caused by the egg. This would also cause lameness. My opinion is that you need to have x-rays done to see why she is not walking or perching. They can look for another egg, or a fracture or peritonitis. If your bird is not eating pellets, then you need to switch her immediately. Then there is no need for calcium injections.

Switching Birds to Pellets article
Dr B

Jun 09, 2011
Cockatoo not perching after vet visit
by: Tracie

I have asked Dr B to answer this, but I would call the vet right away and tell him/her what is happening!

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