cockatail, chewing wood all the time

by Cindy

I have 2 cockatils, male and female, they are chewing at wood, doors, window cils, card board, ect.

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Jun 21, 2011
Pinky & Perky
by: Vicki

I have 2 male cockatiels (Pinky & Perky) they absolutely love eating a wood picture frame of mine, i've given up stopping them from doing it now, they are determined and as soon as I look away they take a great big chunk out of it!!! Once they have totally demolished it I am going to have the picture reframed in a metal frame!!! They also like eating their wooden ladders in the cage - we are currently on ladder number 8!!!

Jun 21, 2011
cockatail, chewing wood all the time
by: Linda

As Tracie said, all parrots like to chew wood, and you are being very careless to allow your birds to fly all over the house. This is not the bird's problem but yours.

Make sure your birds have clipped wings and that safe wood toys are in their cage or cages so they can chew on it when they want to.

Your birds will eventually find something poison to chew on and be dead, so please take this warning seriously if you care about your birds.


Jun 20, 2011
Cockatiel chewing things
by: Tracie

What stands out to me is not that the bird love to chew, but that they roam the house chewing whatever they want. This is VERY dangerous and will likely, eventually, kill your bird.

Many birds love to chew, and it is good for them to chew to keep their beaks trimmed and not get bored. You need to trim their wings and then only allow them to chew the things you provide for them to chew.

A bird that flies free in a room that is not specifically a bird room can chew something toxic, fly out a door, land on something that falls and kills them, get trapped and injured trying to escape etc.

I know of a bird that landed on a picture frame, it fell over, the bird fluttered down as it fell, it fell on the bird and killed the bird. I have known of birds that tasted, chewed and played with toxic trinkets and died.

So, it is good your birds love to chew. Please get their wings trimmed and provide safe wood items for them to chew.

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