Cockateil bleeding

by JJ
(United States)

I got a cockateil about 4 days ago and it accidently ripped one of its tail feathers out. I dont want him to bleed to death, so i was wondering how do you stop the bleeding?

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Aug 25, 2008
Get a Bird First Aid Kit
by: Tracie

Hello JJ,

Hopefully you got the bleeding to stop! In the future, this is not the place to come with an emergency. Besides the fact that your post doesn't show up immediately, there is no guarantee anyone will even read it for days.

If a feather is bleeding, it is best to get some pliers and pull it out. An easy thing to say, but not to do.

It is best to have a Bird First Aid Kit already on hand. We sell one here on our site and it has a pair of 5 ½" locking forceps(to remove broken blood feathers)if the occasion arises again.

Aug 25, 2008
Cockatiel bleeding
by: Kralice4u

It sounds to me like the entire feather may not have been pulled out. If this is the case find the base of the feather and pluck it out. If the entire feather was accidently plucked and it is still bleeding you may want to try using some "Kwik stop" styptic powder (found at the pet store-apply it at the base where the feather was pulled from) or put some corn starch on it to stop the bleeding; however; if it appears to be a large amount of blood (or it is still bleeding by the time you read this) and you can not stop the bleeding, the best thing to do is to take it to the vet and let them check things out for you.

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