Cockateil plucking

by Celita

I just got my mom an albino cackateil for mothers day and weve had her for 5 days and the second day i noticed he was plucking his tummy area i thought it was just him molting. Then i waited a day or two and noticed that he had plucked like a whole in his tummy it looks like so i got some mite spray and sprayed him yesterday. What can this be?

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May 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

ask the people you got him from what the daily routine was for the bird also did he like men? Was he with another bird? So many things it could be. It could be emotional, environmental, or illness. Another thing educatate your mother and yourself on what is not safe for your bird ex. Scented candles, sprays, strong odors, perfumes, non stick pans that get to hot/teflon smoke. This will help you so he does not get other problems as well.

May 13, 2011
Cockatiel plucking belly feathers
by: Tracie

Since this is a new bird, it is hard to say if this is behavioral or a health issue. To be safe, you need to take your bird to an avian vet. A vet will be able to make sure it is not a bacterial infection.

It is unlikely mites, and if it is the over the counter sprays can be toxic and hurt or kill your bird so do not use that any more.

Please read the Feather Damaging Behavior article that an avian vet wrote, for more information on birds that pluck and damage their feathers. Then you can look on our Find an Avian Vet page if you don't already know of an avian vet.

Please do not take your bird to a regular dog vet, they often accidentally kill birds from a lack of experience and training on drawing blood and handling small birds.

Let us know what you find out.

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