cockateil trying to fly

by JJ
(United States)

I've had a cockateil for about five days and he now wants to fly but his wings are clipped so he can't. He is being really hyper but i can't take him out because he hurts himself inside our house. He has already ripped out one of his tail feathers because he tried flying in the house. I dont want that to happen again so what can i do to play with him through out the days?

I would take him outside to run around but its to windy and the sun is going down, so it would be to cold for him. I will take him outside tomorrow if its sunny but how can i play with him inside the house when its to cold or windy outside?

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Aug 25, 2008
Cocktiel flying
by: Tracie

Hello JJ,

If your bird's wings are clipped properly, he should not be able to "fly around" and hurt himself. He should glide to the floor if he attempts to fly.

Do NOT take your bird outside unless you have a flight suit or harness to put on him. Then you have to make sure you have secured the tether so that you don't accidentally let him go.

Many, many birds are lost every week that have clipped wings. Owners think they can't fly, but the slightest breeze takes them away. Often they find the feathers at the bottom of a tree indicating they were eaten.

Please take your bird to an avian vet or a really good breeder to get the wings trimmed properly. Then take your bird out and play with him in a room that is relatively safe for him to flutter to the floor.

Because our birds value getting out, if they flutter to the floor they get put back in the cage. They only try this once every few months now. Of course, if someone makes a strange noise and they get scared and fly, we do not put them back in the cage, only if they fly to explore.

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