cockatiel 10yr.old female in otherwise good health

by Patricia
(Riverview N.B. Canada)

Trixie was seen looking ill, then we noticed that her left wing was drooping. We did see an exotic vet, new to our town. Two x-rays were taken of the same wing, extended. The vet said there was a small space noted in the shoulder joint, but no fractures.

An IM anti-inflammatory was given and a two week course of oral anti-inflammatory prescribed. We were asked to keep her quite for four weeks. We are at the end of the second week and Trixie appears to feel better, (she has moved herself from the hospital cage back to the flock, 2 other cockatiels ,a love bird with two paralysed legs and a budgie) although she still doesn't try to use her wing, even when she lost her balance and fell.

She has started to extend it about a third of the way in a stretch and it is not drooping as much, although she doesn't hold it as close to her body as her other wing. She doesn't preen the pin feathers on that wing either. When the wing is extended manually, it doesn't give her any discomfort.

My question is ,since the x-ray ruled out a fracture, could it be dislocated and if so, what would the treatment entail? What other possilbe diagnosis' should be investigated? Her nickname is P.I.T.A, (pain in the ass) so we dearly feel for her loss of personality. All our birds are free with some flight feathers trimmed in our kitchen/family room area,with arrangements for their special needs.

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Sep 19, 2009
Trixie and her wing
by: Pat

Thank you, I will put Trixie back in the hospital cage. I see now that I shouldn't let her rule the roost. I guess just seeing her want to act more normal clouded my judgement. I appreciate that being pointed out to me. I'll keep everyone posted as time progresses. There will be a follow-up appointment with her vet, there was never any doubt about that. As with child, money isn't an issue, she is family.

Sep 18, 2009
Cockatiel wing problem
by: The Vet

This could be a dislocation. It could also be a neurological problem, maybe from and injury, or maybe a nutritional deficiency. If it is a dislocation, then a bandage would help.

Dr B

Sep 17, 2009
Cockie Wing
by: Linda

What I'm hearing here is that the Avian vet told you to keep her quiet and fairly immobile for 4 weeks, and after 2 weeks, you have moved her back with flock, are allowing her to use the wing and are even extending it yourself.

My advice is to put her back in the small cage vet recommended and follow his/her instructions to the letter. If after the four week period, now add on some time to that, she is still having problems, then go back to the Avian vet for another look at the situation. A soft tissue injury will not show up so well in an xray, but a dislocation would as would a break or hairline fracture.Take her back to the vet after the time they set whether she appears to be better or not.

The other thing is that birds need to be caged sometimes and birds who have the run of the house can get injured, and you won't even know they are until something gets worse like this. I always recommend in cage time and out of cage time with all nights spent inside a safe protective cage.

So, to sum up, put bird back on restriction as the vet told you to do. We have to do what our vets instruct for the time they tell us to do it. Then, your bird needs to go back to the vet so they can make sure she is okay or if further steps need to be taken. By putting her back where she was after only two weeks, you may have undone all the good the two weeks did.


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