cockatiel and fireworks?

by emma
(st albans)

I will soon be holding a fireworks night in my back garden , and i was wondering if the noise or the bright lights would frighten my cockatiel, or trigger a heart attack.
also would the smoke and fumes let off from the fireworks be any danger for my cockatiel, as people will be coming in and out, opening the door.
Please comment as soon as possible.

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Nov 01, 2008
Fireworks fumes hurt bird?
by: Tracie

Hello Emma,

It is very thoughtful of you to think about your bird in this situation.

Yes, the fumes are not good for your bird. Please move your bird to a room that will not have the fumes drifting in.

You should provide a night light or some sort of light in the room during the fireworks so that it doesn't hurt itself fluttering in the cage if it does get scared of the noise.

It is likely that it will not be bothered by the noise much at all. You could turn on the radio or something in that room or the next room to add other sounds so that it isn't silent and then boom over and over again also.

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