Cockatiel at christmas question!

by emma
(st albans)

As it is coming up to christmas, i will soon be putting up my christmas tree, but i am worried that it will frighten her as there will be tinsel, bright lights and the tree is quite big, i am worried that she will so frightened of it that she wont come out of her cage to get excercise, and i am worried that she may be very frightened that she will have a heart attack.
also i wanted to know is the tree or any decorations will be toxic or poisonus to her?

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Nov 01, 2008
Safe Christmas tree and ornaments for birds
by: Tracie

The bird might get scared of the tree if it is the type that gets scared when you bring new things into the house.

If you notice it getting scared, spend some time talking to the bird in calm tones and telling it everything is going to be OK. Make sure the bird notices that you don't mind going over to the tree and touching it. You might even let it see you cut off a small piece and bring near the bird. (Do NOT force the bird to get close if it is still afraid.)

Once the bird seems calm from a distance, you can take the bird over to the tree to see that it won't eat him. :-)

We have a page for Non-toxic and toxic things on this site.
Toxic Non-toxic for Birds List

Check that list for the tree you plan on using. As far as ornaments go, there could be real danger of zinc or lead poisoning as well as toxic dyes in things. Please watch your bird that it does not chew on ornaments or other things in your house that could be toxic.

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