cockatiel bathing

by Savannah
(United States)

I am a first time cockatiel owner, and have no other birds. I decided to get a cockatiel because I read good things about them and my family and I have no allergy problems. When I had my other birds they would take baths in containers of water, but my cockatiel, Daffy refuses, so I read about spraying them with a water bottle on mist.

I am not sure if my cockatiel liked it or not, though. He just sat there and kept blinking. He did not move away so I think that was a good thing. Can you tell me if I am doing it right, please.

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Aug 18, 2008
Bathing Daffy
by: Kralice4u

Sounds like Daffy enjoyed the mist to me.
If a bird does not like something it will usually let you know by squaking, moving, or flapping its wings.
My Cockatiels do not get in bowls of water like my Conures do, but I have one cockatiel that likes to enter the bathroom when I am taking a shower.
In the bathroom that does not have a glass shower door, I lay a towel on the side of the tub and he crawls on top of it and expands his wings and I sprinkle water on him that way. HE LOVES IT!
Try that method one day. I think it is kind of neat! lol

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