by Savannah
(United States)

My cockatiel that I got untamed at the pet store on August 10, will bite me sometimes, like if I stick my hand in his cage. When she is on my shoulder I will try getting her off with my finger and say step up in a happy voice but all she does is bite and hiss at me. Is it because she likes where she is and does not want to move? or because she just doesn't like me touching her?

I just turned my head just barely to talk to my sisters and she made a sound and bit my hair and almost neck skin. I have taught her to step up and I believe she has a bond with me because she looks forward to coming outside of her cage(when I get her out with a perch) and loves to go outside(her wings are clipped). I love her so much but dont like the way she bites me. It hurts!

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Apr 06, 2009
bitting and hissing
by: Anonymous

I just got my cockatiel sunday nd he is just a bitter...when u open the cage door he will come out but he just runs from u.. he hisses constanly if u even get close to him.. what can i do to get my cockatiel to come to me without bitting at me or hissing

Aug 18, 2008
Biting Cocckatiel
by: Kralice4u

First I want to say that you have done a GREAT job at getting your cockatiel to step up on your finger!
Many Tiels that are bought from the pet store aren't tame so you HAVE done well so far.
The cage is the cockatiel's territory. This is why it bites you when you put your hand in the cage. Until you develope total trust from your bird it will continue to bite you.
The reason it bites you when it is on your shoulder is because it is comfortable there and does not want to get off.
I have found with my TAME cockatiels that another reason that they bite sometimes is the time of day it is.If it is getting closer towards the evening, they tend to be a bit more "Nippy".
A bird needs to sleep 11-14 hours a day.
It takes time and patience to gain the trust of your bird.
You are off to a great start by it getting on your finger.
Take it slowly.

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