Cockatiel bonding question

by Mike

I just got a 6 year old cockatoo for my 9 year old little boy. This bird loves everyone but men the most.I have had parrots before and have experience with birds.I traveled 300 miles to get this bird and everything went well the bird took right to me.I was swinging the bird by letting her hold on my fingers upside down then swinging my arm the people we got her from showed me how they did it and the bird loved it.I guess I scared her because now she will not have anything to do with me since.One good thing though is she has attached herself to my little boy and loves him which is who I wanted her to bond with. But I would like to gain her trust back any ideas from anyone maby in time she will come around.She will go to anyone even strangers except me.I can handle her and she won`t bite me or nothing but she don`t like it.

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Dec 05, 2010
Cockatiel bonding
by: Tracie

It will take time for the bird to trust anyone that it is scared of. Be patient, and it is possible that it will at least tolerate others. Some birds just decide they don't like certain people or genders and all you can do is get them to tolerate them.

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