Cockatiel care?

by rachel
(st albans)

I have only just got a female cockatiel and i wanted some tips on how to care for her properly

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Nov 18, 2008
Cockatiel Care
by: Tracie

Provide a large cage that the bird can have plenty of room for toys and exercise.

If pellets are available in your country, purchase pellets that are not colored and preferably organic. Your bird has tiny organs and chemicals and artificial vitamins are hard on their system. Our vet prefers Harrison's.

Purchase a Lixit water bottle and slowly convert it from using a water dish if possible. Bacteria grows quickly in water dishes and your bird can get bacteria infections from the water.

About 20% of their diet should be organic fruits, vegetables and grains. Fresh sprouted grains are the very best to give your bird.

Provide some Safe Pedicure Perchs to keep their nail trimmed. We put ours at each food and water station and at their favorite toy sites.

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