Cockatiel chest hole

My mother has a cockatiel that is at least 7 years old. It has been very healthy but I just noticed that it looks like there is a little hole directly below his chest, if I could describe where it is. The hole is almost right down the exact middle of his chest area. My mother, who is 92, says that he is picking this area with his peak. Please advise.

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Feb 20, 2012
Cockatiel picking hole in chest.
by: Tracie

Your bird needs to be seen by an avian vet to determine what is wrong. Your bird probably has an infection or a tumor and it picks that area to get to the pain or discomfort. So, please Find an Avian Vet to examine the bird soon.

Please read our Feather Damaging Behavior article written by our avian vet for more information on feather plucking.

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