cockatiel chirping noises

by kaitlyn

when I pet/rub my cockatiels neck, she makes a real low almost chirping noise, but different than her usuall chirp, is that her trying to talk?

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Nov 25, 2011
it's a sex noise
by: Lisa

That's a Cockatiel mating sound. When we got our Willow she soon began doing this. She would fly to my hubby and rub against his neck. He would kiss her on the back and rub the back of her neck. She would start making that funny noise. It would get really loud. Then she would soon lay eggs a week or so later. We didn't put the two together until we did research. This happened a couple times the first year we had her until we did the research. We don't have a male, so she thinks the hubby is her mate. She still tries to do this, but he doesn't kiss her on her back or rub her neck for more than a few seconds. If she starts that noise he quickly steps away from her. She hasn't laid an egg since. He enjoyed the love sessions and bonding, but her health is more important. He just enjoys her in other ways now so she won't make eggs. We are afraid of her getting egg bound, so no eggs is best.

Nov 21, 2011
Cockatiel chirping noise
by: Tracie

It is probably her "I am content" chirp, but if you are working with trying to get her repeat things she could be do that too.

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