Cockatiel death

by Lori

Hi, my cockatiel of 12 years died a couple of days ago. About 2.5 years ago, he had a spell where he was breathing heavily for an afternoon. He stopped doing it, but we took him to the vet. The vet did do a fecal test and swabbed his throat and cultured it, and was normal. The vet said perhaps he had a seed hull lodged in his throat, and he worked through it, and to shower him frequently, that the humidity may help his throat/lungs.

Last week, he started to do it again, off and on. No other changes in appetite or behavior. On Sunday, he was acting normal, but a little heavier breathing...and then all of a sudden after his shower, he was on the bottom of his cage. He got worse and worse and died 3 hours later.

We moved since then, and now our closest avian vet is 2 hours away, so we did not have a place to take him for a necroscopy. Any ideas as to what this could've been? I thought he was going to snap out of it like last time. Would there have been anything one could have done at that point when his breathing was so labored? I feel terrible, he was my little buddy.

I do have another cockatiel of the same age and a timneh african grey parrot that both seem to be fine. Thank you for any ideas.

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Jan 11, 2012
My Baby Cockatiel died
by: lin

In cleaning up a dog's very bad urine smell, I used FeBreeze for the first time,,,,in the general area of my cockatiel. she died suddenly and within that afternoon. Am I correct in assuming it was Febreeze? Nothing else was remotely wrong with my bird,

Editor's note: Yes, this is toxic. Try peroxide next time. Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list If you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, at Parrot Questions

Oct 11, 2010
my Cockatiel passed away 09/10/10 11.15am
by: keith Fallon

Del Boy was 15 years old but still full of life. Then Friday morning he seemed a bit off, withdrawn. I kept an eye on him and he seemed to perk up. I took the cage into the bedroom, he shared a big cage with Sian his partnerI covered the cage with a blanket leaving a bit of a gap at the front. In the morning he was back in the bottom of the cage. So I put some millet spray and he started to eat. I was on the phone to the vets when he came to the door of the cage and flew onto the edge of my desk sian flew next to him and he fell. I went to pick him up and he ran under the bed. I went down on the floor and put my hand under to pick him up but he had already died. I am heart broken he was the world to me. I just cant belive he went so quick.

Any help please

Oct 08, 2009
Sudden death of a cockatiel
by: Anonymous

I also had a cockatiel suddenly die. This happened around 10 years ago. I let him and his little friend out to play and he flew onto the lamp shade. Within a few minutes he let out a horrible screech and he fell over, onto the floor, and then died in my hands. My best guess is the new light bulb I had just put in that lamp. It was one of the new long lasting flourescent swirly type of bulbs. I think it was giving off a toxic gas.

Jul 02, 2008
Cockatiel death
by: The Vet

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I will do my best to help.

What do you use in the bottom of the cage?

What diet do you fed?

Did he ever exhibit coughing?

Does anyone smoke tobacco in the home?

Was he exposed to aerosols or cleaning products? Teflon?

Determining the cause of this is going to be impossible without a necropsy, but I can at least give you some differentials.

Aspergillus is my top differential. This is a common respiratory fungal infection that is chronic and fatal.

Exposure to respiratory toxins can cause sudden death or chronic disease.

Hypovitaminosis A can cause respiratory symptoms.

Egg binding.

Abdominal mass.

These are the most common, but there are dozens more.

Dr B

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