Cockatiel died suddenly

by Kathy

I had a 19 year old cockatiel. About 2 years ago we unknowingly lived in a house that had black mold in the basement. He got very sick with a lung infection but by the time we realized it and got him to the vet, the mold had caused lung damage where the vet said his lungs had scar tissue in them and that his breathing would always be somewhat compromised.

We moved out of that house about a year and 1/2 ago. He was doing fine. Two nights ago he died in his cage. Several hours before he had not completely stopped eating but had slowed down, not eating his normal amount.

My question is, do birds have strokes or heart attacks? Could the lung damage and his age have caused him to die quickly? Thanks for your help. I am distraught and just trying to understand what could have happened.

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Feb 19, 2011
Birds have strokes
by: Tracie

Yes, birds do have strokes, Dr B is helping people all the time with stroke prevention through diet changes.

I am sorry for your loss, how sad. The only way to know what really happened to your bird, is to take it for a necropsy. Dr B can't tell, because there are too many things that can cause death.

I am glad you were able to move. I wish you the best.

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